Telling stories and inspiring people to notice and appreciate the little things is what drives me. 

I want to make the world a little softer and slower.

Wandering around city streets is a big inspiration, but the quiet of nature is also well needed. This combination is reflected in my dreamy and precise work, putting attention to every detail, creating a little getaway for when things get too much. 

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Member of:

Rotterdamillustrators                                              Zusterhood




Bachelor of arts, illustration

AKV st.Joost – Breda

2013 – 2017


Graphic Design

St. Lucas – Eindhoven

2008 – 2012



Joke Veeze Award

Fashion Illustration expo

Galerie Toon Amsterdam

26 june – 1 july 2018


Launch, graduation expo

AKV st.Joost, Breda

30 june – 4 july 2017



Illustration expo 

Willem Twee, Den Bosch 

9 – 12 juni 2016


Small stories in silent buildings

Illustration expo 

Het Klooster, Breda

25 – 28 march 2016 


Plastic air pink roots 

Nature minor St. Joost

Has Kas, Den Bosch

10 december 2015